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What is Reach Management?

July 13, 2007

GlocalReach is about helping people manage how other people can reach them.

OK. So, what does that mean?

We live in a world where almost everyone is constantly connected. That means anyone can contact you at anytime. While this is a huge opportunity; you can work from anywhere, it has never been easier to do business over geographical borders or find a market for the most odd products, there is also a downside. Let’s call it overconnectedness. Sometimes you just don’t want the whole world to reach you.

Sometimes you want to disconnect.

But you don’t want to turn off the switch completely. You want some people to reach you. Your friends. Your spouse. Your family.

What then, do you do?

In stead of turning off the switch completely you would want to turn the knob down. Lower the volume, so to speak.

That is reach management.

It gives you control over how connected you want to be. It gives you a knob to turn.

So you don’t have to switch off.


First post!

July 4, 2007

Hey! Wadoyouno! We have a blog.