Interviewed by Sriram Krishnan

August 6, 2007

The future of Singapore is in safe hands if there’s more people like Sriram Krishnan living there. While studying at KTH in Sweden he also managed to squeeze in a business developer job for Attana and helped organise the Hej! 2007 conference in Stockholm with practically no budget. Impressive, I must say.

He was also kind enough to interview me for his blog. The result can be found here. This is my view on the VoIP-market in answer to the question: Isn’t the VOIP market a bit too packed at the moment?

Back in the early 90s, the NMT mobile network (the predecessor to GSM) had about 10% user penetration on the Swedish market. Then some crazy people decided to bet billions of SEK in the more capable GSM network. “You’re mad!” they were told. “The market is saturated. There’s no room for further growth. All the people that want a mobile phone has a mobile phone!”

Well, they were wrong and the crazy people were right. Now there are more GSM subscribers than people in Sweden and many other countries
share the same stats. Partially this is because of what I wrote earlier: people play different roles in their lives and they want better control of how they are reached. So, they have one mobile phone for work and one for private use. Well, why stop there?

So, back to VoIP… Today 14% of the Swedish population uses their broadband connection for calls. That’s a 151% growth over one year. Of course there’s room for lots more growth.

At the same time I don’t think the evolution of VoIP will mirror GSM. It will be more like email, where you have many different email
addresses. So, I think we will see much higher market penetration than 100%, at least counting the number of “VoIP-accounts”.

We will also see VoIP-spam…

Read the rest of the interview here.


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  1. […] från sommarvärmen plockar bort inspirationen att skriva. Kan bara kort tipsa om en bloggintervju av mig för den som är nyfiken på vad jag håller på med om dagarna nu för tiden. Intervjuaren heter […]

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