Emotional Bandwidth revisited: Bambuser and Video Telephony

March 19, 2008

I feel I need to dust off my old post about emotional bandwidth after seeing how Swedish startup Bambuser attracts users and how their service is used – and loved.

Bambuser offers live broadcasting from your mobile phone directly to the web. You install an application in your cameraphone and as soon as you connect to the service, it starts streaming video directly to a Flash player so other people can view it as it happens.

The result? People start sharing stories and their everyday life. They film when they go grocery shopping. They film when they eat dinner. They film meetings and conferences. Some nights ago, a group of people had a pop quiz over Bambuser. People start experimenting.

They start playing.

An amazing difference if you compare to how video telephony was (never) used and I think the key to the difference is in the emotional bandwidth in audio vs video streaming. A voice call has just about the right amount of emotional bandwidth to be usable for the types of conversations you have over a phone. Increasing the emotional bandwidth makes you want to have a different kind of conversation. A closer one, more intimate.

Bambusing is something different, though. It’s more about capturing and sharing the moment. It also has a degree of exhibitionism over it.

I’m curious how the Typealyzer (more, in Swedish, here) would characterize the typical Bambuser-user vs a typical blogger. (The Typealyzer does a psychographic analysis of texts.) I am personally more of a “text-guy”, preferring written text over video, but other people have different preferences. The Typealyzer has characterized my blog texts as either INTP or INTJ, so I am an introverted thinker (a.k.a. a “nerd” 🙂 ). My guess is that Bambuser attracts more extroverted personalities.

There are other applications, like Qlik that does the same thing. Great to see innovation finally happening within mobile video.

Erik Starck
Managing Director, Co-founder


One Response to “Emotional Bandwidth revisited: Bambuser and Video Telephony”

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