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April 2, 2008

My name is Nicolai Wadstrom, I have not been as active on the GlocalReach blog as my colleague Erik, but this as a good time as any to change that!

About me; I am one of the co-founders of GlocalReach Ltd. I am an serial Entrepreneur, I am 35 years of age, and have been starting companies for the past 12 years, ranging from consulting companies, software companies, media companies, computer games and internet companies. I have a fair bit of Telco experience, and have done some management consultancy to help other startups, and larger organizations in between, I have been a CEO, a CTO and have had few different hats through-out the past 12 years, now I try to do more, and have less hats (although I am officially a director in GlocalReach!).

GlocalReach story
The GlocalReach story actually started a bit more than 2 years ago, when I started thinking that Voice over IP can not be about cheap calls, it must be something else and there must be room for lots of innovation in this space.Since I hired Erik on the R&D team of my software company many years ago, I knew that this is a guy I want to work with in the future, and we had been talking about trying to get together to form a new startup for a while, so after me and Erik having had numerous sessions about the VoIP space and what spaces are still open for entry by a new startup when voice converge into just another Internet communication’s medium, we starting working on GlocalReach. We also brought along a business partner that I have been working on with a number of different startup companies the past few years, and in January 2007 Glocalreach was formed. Since then we have been working hard to build this service, get all the infrastructure components in place to handle Voice and messaging, and lot’s of other magic. We have mostly funded GlocalReach with our own money this far.

Today we have an Alpha version of our service that we think will be a very interesting convergence between Internet communication and presence. Presence in the world of Mobile phones and IM is basically available or not available, but the world is not that simple, I can honestly say that I will always be available for certain calls, but at the same time I will almost always not be available for certain other calls. My presence need to be more related to what-ever context I am in at that moment, it need to relate to where I am, what I am doing, how I am feeling, and it need to map that to other web properties.
A buzzword for this might be Semantic Presence (which was Jeff Pulver‘s called it when I tried to describe our vision for him the other week), we call it Reach Management, or Attention Control (well, we are still working on the name!). Right now we are working on a Series A funding, and preparing for a Beta launch of the service.

Also, while I am at it.. We are expanding, if you are an excellent interaction designer or developer (Java and Seam are the name of “our game”) that want to be part of creating the next generation of Internet services, where presence goes beyond IM and Twitter, and where you have a greater control of how your attention and how you are reached, please do contact me or Erik.

Nicolai Wadstrom,


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