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Connectedness and mental personal space

June 12, 2008

It is when I read stories such as this one from web worker Pamela Poole that I know we are on the right track. She writes:

My husband and I continually try to teach our clients that sending an e-mail is the best way to reach us. For the sake of our sanity and the serenity of our work/home environment, we don’t give out our phone numbers, IM addresses, or any information that would make us instantly reachable if we can avoid it. We usually can avoid it.

In practical terms, the only downside I see in this societal trend is the increasing expectation that you should be available to all people all the time. It’s hard enough for web workers to draw the line between the mental energy, space and time devoted to work and play without this added pressure.

We hear you, Pamela!

Erik Starck
Managing Director, GlocalReach Ltd.