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My name is Erik and I am an addict

May 8, 2008

Yes, I admit. I have an addiction.

I don’t think it’s harmful. In fact, it might even be beneficial to me. But it takes up a lot of my time, almost the entire day.

I think I started to develop the addiction about 12-13 years ago, but it wasn’t until maybe 4 or 5 years ago that it fully started to bloom.

So what kind of poisonous substance is it that I have let take control of my life?

No, it’s not something chemical and it’s no poison. The addiction is for ideas. Other people’s thoughts. Other people’s insights.

Bloglines, Google, Jaiku, Twitter, email, Twine, even good old fashioned books… they are the ones feeding me so that I can satisfy the addiction but they are not the producers, only the middle man.

No, the real source of my addiction is you, dear reader. It’s your thoughts, your ideas, your insights that keeps my addiction alive. I just can’t get enough of it. I want more, more, more!

My name is Erik. I am the CEO of GlocalReach and, yes, I am an addict.

And I love it!

Erik Starck
Managing Director, Co-founder